re-new 2012, AAlborg University Copenhagen

re-new 2012, Aalborg University Copenhagen

At the showing at NGJ 2013, Here’s a quote we overheard from someone we like:

“That [adjacent arcade game] I get, that one I understand, but this one… I mean, what is it?!”

Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) on ERVAX for 2

Further sightings

ERVAX for 2 has further been shown at CPHGC’s 2011 Arcade Boat, at Literaturhaus Møllegade, Copenhagen, at PULSAR festival 2011, at the Nordic Game Jam 2013 preparty and at the 2011 Raflost Icelandic Festival of Electronic Art.

A review of the art showcase at re-new (, in Danish).

Oh, look, ERVAX is frontpage news at the Danish Association of Composers:

Last but not least, we are very honored to be among 2013′s nominees at A MAZE Indie-Connect.